Special jobs require the service of purpose built, special vehicles. They are preferred for use in special conditions where, the normal vehicles may not be an ideal choice. Our range of Special Purpose Vehicles is designed to withstand the environment they are in, whilst easily serving the purpose they have been chosen for.

Each of these vehicles are equipped with robust features and advanced technologies to ensure that they are able to perform even in the most unanticipated situation. Our range includes:

  • Ambulances (Basic and Hi-tech)
  • Cash Carry Vans
  • Freezer Trucks/Vans
  • Mobile Clinics/Laboratory
  • Mobile office/workshop Vans
  • Prisoner Trucks/Vans
  • Hearse Van
  • Anti-Riot Vehicles
  • Oil Field Conversions
  • Re-spraying of vehicles
  • Specialised Heavy Duty accessory fitments suited to customer needs